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The 5 Days Strong Immunity Challenge - ENGLISH

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Jeder, der alle Schritte abgeschließt, erhält am Ende des Programms ein Abzeichen.


During this 5 day challenge you're going to learn how to flash boost your immunity. By simply following certain steps each day like purifying water consumption, eating immune enhancing fruits, taking cold showers, exercise breathing sessions and immune boosting training sessions. Especially during these uncertain and restricting days it is more important than ever to really boost your immunity as natural as possible to stay strong. You're going to feel stronger after this immunity challenge. DAILY CHALLENGE ROUTINE: *STEP 1: DEEP BREATHING MEDITATION *STEP 2: WATER PURIFICATION *STEP 3: HIIT TRAINING (starts on day two) *STEP 4: COLD SHOWER THERAPY *STEP 5: EATING IMMUNITY FOODS *STEP 6: DEEP BREATHING MEDITATION *STEP 7: WATER PRE-FILL *STEP 8: DEEP BREATHING MEDITATION


CHAMPION, 49,99 €/year

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