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5 Days - The Pull Up Challenge: Level 1

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  • 7Schritte
Jeder, der alle Schritte abgeschließt, erhält am Ende des Programms ein Abzeichen.


It’s time for some Pull Up’s. Now Pull up’s are a very demanding exercise. You’re basically training the muscles of your whole upper body. Primarily your back muscles (latissimus dorsi and many others). Actually these are all the muscles and areas that are trained while you do the Pull Up Exercise: 1. Hand muscles 2. Wrists stability and forearms muscles 3. Abdominal muscles 4. Back and shoulder muscles 5. Chest- and biceps muscles While doing this exercise focus on your breath work. With every Pull Up breathe out and with every downward release breathe in. Also make sure that you keep a good posture. Don’t work out with posture and technique harming force. You’ll master this !



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