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Breath Stretching Plan - Session 1

Breath Stretching Plan - Session 1

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If you have ever been interested in calisthenics training and especially in the section ring training then you're absolutely right here.


I'm going to show you how to master them for your physical training puposes. This video is the first tutorial series in your journey of physical self-mastery. Within this Karma Training lesson you're getting started. There are 5 levels in the "Ring Training" series.


Get started and let's go. The goal is to master certain calisthenic moves and with it also complete body control of the self.


Here's what you're going to be able to do after mastering Level 5:


1. 1-3 Handstand Pushups (without wall)

2. 3-5 sec. Planch

3. 3-5 Muscle Ups

4. 10 sec. Front Lever Holds


Estimated time of training: 1  hour (including breaks)


Necessary equipment: Training Rings: 

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