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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Water is life. Literally. The worlds surface consists to 71 % of water. So including all the seas and rivers. The worlds oceans alone hold about 96.5 % of all earth's water. Besides that there is also water in the air as water vapor, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers. And all that water is crucial for us to live a healthy life with a lot of biodiversity and living beings.

Each of us humans needs to consist of 60 % water for all organs to function properly. These 60 % are diversified into different organs of our bodies. The brain and heart consist of 73 % water, our powerful muscles and our lungs that we use to breathe consist together of 79 % of water, our skin, that is to 1 % responsible for respiration consist of 64 % water, our liver consists of 83 % of water and finally our bones are made up of 31 % water for their optimal functions.

So with now knowing all this, its still important to know how much water you individually need to drink daily according to your lifestyle. So your lifestyle is also defined by some core factors, which include certain points:

Are you working out ? If yes, how often a day ?

In what life situation you're in (Are you a woman or man ? Are you pregnant or not ?)

How old are you ?

And in what climate zone or county do you live in (temperature) ?

For most people it's not really clear how much water they need to daily consume to avoid dangerous and harmful headaches, fatigues, muscle weakness and other diseases.

However drinking enough water really helps tremendously with getting rid of various kinds of sicknesses to which also flus account.

So how much water do you individually actually need to drink ?

The water poster below is going to clarify that question for you. All you have to also reconsider are these very individual factors:

Download the water poster in the downloads section of the webpage.

Are you working out ? If yes, how often a day ?

Answer: Include to every workout 1 liter of water additionally

In what life situation you're in (Are you a woman or man ? Are you pregnant or not ?)

Answer: Women during their period or during pregnancy should daily drink 1 liter of water additionally

How old are you ?

Answer: People aged 50+ should drink more because we humans scientifically decrease our organs water composition from 70% - 60% to 50 % with age

And in what climate zone or county do you live in (temperature) ?

Answer: Being in hot weather (starting from 30 - 35 degrees on) drink additionally optimally about 1-2 liter of water

Important: Our human kidneys filter out excess waste and water from your bloodstream. But they can only process 800-1,000 mL of water an hour. So don't overdo it. 3-4 liters of water are maximally optimal for a grown up per daily intake.

So don't forget to keep yourself well hydrated with some fresh water to keep yourself healthy and helping your body naturally rid itself of bacteria and other toxins.

To have clean hormone and micro plastic free water to cook and drink check out some great running water tap water filters. Heres a great water filter solutions from the company:

Analytics state that during 2021 about 784 million people didn't had access to clean water.

So please don't support to help also others that need to have access to a healthy life and buy your Karma Nutrients Stainless Steel Circle Water Bottle.

50 percent of the profits made are going to be directed to the organization " Lifewater International Org". They support third world countries to have access to daily pure and fresh water.

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Lets celebrate days full of life and fresh, clean water. All the best wishes.

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