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Deepak Chopra's 21 Days Of Abundance

  • 21Days
  • 42Steps


This 21 day meditation commitment is about changing your mindset to one of abundance and realising you are so very capable of having, experiencing and feeling anything you desire. It’s such a powerful and supportive journey. I hope you choose to commit and expand your awareness of who you and what you are capable of. EQUIPTMENT: - small notebook for meditation purposes TIME COMMITMENT: -15 to 20 minutes to complete the task of the day: 1. write down the mantra of the day 2. do the writing task 3. do the meditation -10 minutes for the meditation at a convenient time Participating in this practice will also support you in realizing your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs in the area of finance. As we realize these blocks, we can then actively work to heal them by opening up an infinite source of abundance. The discipline of this challenge is an daily exercise that strengthens a commitment to yourself.


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