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  • 1. How can I buy a Karma Lifestyle challenge ?
    You can easily add any paid version of a Karma Lifestyle challenge or course to your shopping cart and then buy it through purchase. Afterwards the challenge will belong to your profile and you can access it at any time.
  • 2. Refund
    As a general rule, your online challenge, which you booked via the Karma Lifestyle platform, will be fully refunded within 14 days of purchase if it does not meet your requirements.
  • 3. Advice from a trusted doctor
    We ask that you consult with a trusted doctor before putting Karma Lifestyle health challenges and courses into practice. This affects primarily your history of recent surgical interventions and treatments.
  • 4. Effectiveness of the challenges
    We as the Karma Lifestyle team do our best to support you with the help of our created health, fitness and lifestyle challenges which are related to health topics. We support a positive development of your health, performance and well-being. However, you are responsible for the disciplined implementation of the techniques thought within the specific challenge you have learned. Therefore, the company The Karma Lifestyle (Elisitst e.K.) is not liable for results that are not achieved.
  • 5.Take notes
    In addition to the documents given to you, we ask you to independently make relevant notes regarding the improvement of your health status or further development of your performance level during the challenges and consulting appointments.
  • 7. Punctuality
    Please arrive on time for every booked consulting appointment.
  • 8. Cancellation
    If you do not make it to your next nutritional consultation appointment, you have the option of canceling your next consultation at least 24 hours before your next consultation so that the nutritionist who is looking after you has been clearly informed. Thus, the consultation appointment is then postponed by arrangement. If an attempt is made to cancel within 24 hours, this is possible, but the consultation cannot be reimbursed.
  • 9. Guarantee of success
    We do our best to ensure that you achieve your health and sporting goals as planned. However, it is up to you to carry out the implementation in a disciplined and motivated manner. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the success of a nutritional consultation or lifestyle challenge (Karma Nutrients challenge, Karma Training challenge) for you.
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