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“I guess you know that most people struggle and fail to create and stick to training and nutrition routines”. I’m a licensed plant based nutritionist and verified fitness coach. I make people achieve their personal health goals so that they can strive in their fullest potential and become healthier and stronger than ever” !


Karma is a natural way of payback. Karma Lifestyle is your platform for a healthy, individual, and adjusted lifestyle. We care for your natural-based nutrition and athletic training. All the products and services are created and selected to benefit your health in the best ways possible. This is the place to get healthy and strong and stay to create your best version.


The Karma Lifestyle brand's mission is to specialize in creating better health for you. It’s about enjoying life as naturally as possible and realizing that nature’s power creates real health and energy. 

How would you discribe your workout/competition intensity level ? (1 star = easy and 5 stars = hard)
How often do you eat in a day (incl. snacks) ?
Ho many liters water or unsugared tea do you drink daily ? (Glass of Water = 250 ml, Small Water Bottle = 0.5 L)
How would you discribe th overall healt levl of nutrition that you consume ? (Only Fast Food = 1 Star , Restaurant ordered Food = 2-3 Stars, Fresh self-prepared food and Fast Food or Ordered Food = 4 stars, Self cooked food with invidualized nutrition plan = 5 stars

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