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Consulting & Retreat

Let's get active together

Let's train together and cook tasty food!

You have the opportunity to book fitness training sessions with an A-licensed Karma trainer or a cooking competition workshop with a Karma nutritionist and cook to learn more about nutrition and food.

Cooking workshops can be booked as individuals or teams. The competition workshop is where two teams have a competition against each other as a team event.  A cook that shows what foods and drinks and how to them is also as a referee in the comfort kitchen.


We're determined to work with private people, professional sportspeople, sports teams, and also companies that just want to enhance the familiarity in their business through cooking and eating together as co-workers.

All consulting can be booked in English and-/orGerman language. The announced prices do not account for bookings outside of Berlin. These prices do individually depend on the request itself. In terms you have any questions don't hesitate to call us during business hours daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

If you're interested in a consulting and have questions according a booking then contact us

and call: 0178-1363083


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